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Is a name given to a girl who everyone wants to be. She Is one of a kind. It's in the name. Balla. She is a balla. Isaballa has the wisdom of a basketball genius. She plays like a basketball genius. She talks like a basketball genius and she IS a basketball genius. She has the ability to make you realize that ball is life. With her sick ass jump shots and chirps no body can stop her. There can only be one Isaballa. One thing about an Isaballa is that there is no replacing an Isaballa. She is an irreplaceable teammate, player, athlete, captain, pre-game talker and balla. No body forgets an Isaballa. Everyone becomes better ballas with an Isaballa on the team. A known fact is that the McMaster Women's Varsity Basketball Team has the honour to have an Isaballa on their team. They are a lucky ass bunch of ballers to have a rare balla on the team. Nothing is forgotten from what an Isaballa says or does. Isaballa on behave of Urban Dictionary we would like to thank you for the opportunity to write about you. If the website would allow it, we would have 382493889 pages of all the great qualities an Isaballa has - Good, better, best. Never let it rest.
"Yo what's the key to a perfect basketball game?"
"That's simple. You have to Isaballa it."
by J. Naismith February 19, 2015
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