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The newer 2010 version of the Isaac Brown has some new features. You will finds these Isaac Browns Saying:

Do you think you know me?/Don't act like you know me.
Who's the asshole?
Go be fat somewhere else.

These newer Isaac Browns love to stroke their mickey mouse lanyards. They will randomly do a fake squeak when talking, especially to girls, for attention. If you say something around an Isaac Brown that is really stupid/obvious, you will probably hear his loud annoying fake laugh that really pisses people off. They also like to mimic a foreign exchange student, Kine, by saying " Oh my gawd im soo embarrassed" in a European accent. Last but not least, the new Isaac Browns always talk about tanning season and how it's back. They talk about it at least 5 times a day, and will most likely go tanning after school. Know one knows why the fuck Isaac Browns talk about it, except for the fact that they will do what ever it takes to get attention.
Matt M: Dude my 13 year old girl friend just got back from day care and gave me some hella dome!

Isaac Brown: Hey asshole, why don't you go be fat somewhere else.

Ellen: Hey what are you doing after school?

Isaac Brown: Im going tanning! :) Tanning season is here(squeak) to stay.
by Dnyyy<3 February 26, 2010
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Also known as Isaac Brown. A highschooler in FH who always needs attention. One of the funniest class clowns, Isaac Brown's can be caught saying the same phrases over and over again. For example, Isaac Brown's love to say, sketchy, awwwww, unessesary, I knowwww, that's pushing it, tool, come on, and many more. They are also very good at driving, acting, and esxspecially singing. You can find an Isaac Brown by listening for the kid who will randomly yell something out in a squeeky voice in the middle of class. In the small town of FH he made up PB'ing. They can sometimes be an asshole to people that aren't their friends, and are almost always sarcastic around a large group of people or when around girls. If your a true friend of an Isaac Brown, when not around alot of people, you can see an Isaac Brown's true personality which is actually a really cool person who is still funny and fun to hang out with.
FH chick: Hey, who is that kid fist pumping and singing songs by Taylor Swift?

Bryce: Oh, that's just Isaac Brown

Jessica: Isaac you're sooo ripped and I can see your stash from like a foot away.

Isaac Brown: I knowwwww!
by Dny<3 February 17, 2010
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Sexyist man alive that can fuck any girl he wants
gets lots of pussy
the best basketball player
by Ballergg man November 28, 2017
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