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Phrase coined by Ali G - the ironically white, Cambridge educated comedian who has made a really successful career out of his TV persona/s. Ali G is actually called Sasha Baron Cohen and is not a Muslim. The phrase follows his screen belief that he is a black gangster from Staines (England).
Police officer: Can you please move back to the side sir or we will have to take you to the station?
Ali G: Wait a minute, come on, is it because I is black?
by brendan September 14, 2004
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If you have a dark complexion and you are ever treated rudely just say this magic phrase and everyone else with a dark complexion and people with a lighter complexion and a messiah complex will freak out, riot and generally overreact in the most ridiculous ways possible. If you are treated rudely and you do not have a dark complexion you are out of luck. This magic phrase only work for those of us whose skin is at least a dark as cardboard.
Starkbucks Manager: "Sir, you have been here 30 minutes without making a purchase so I'm going to have to ask you to leave."

Melanin enhanced guy: "Is it because I is Black?
by Luaraz May 27, 2018
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