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A site in which you go to see your friends naked or go to see certain band members naked. You can rate and comment on the posts.

Also features Gnargoyles. Warning: These can be dangerous and may cause a sensation of puking and/or nightmares. was started by Hunter Moore, who in his own words, is a professional life-ruiner.

It is highly recommended that you should be 18 when viewing this website.
I saw you on Is Anyone Up last night, we are no longer friends.
by graciebugg July 03, 2011
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The most addicting, hilarious, and life-ruining site on the internet.

People can submit nudes that others send them as payback, fun, or just to be an asshole.
Hey, Nick, I totally saw your ex Hanna on isanyoneup , I knew she'd end up on there someday
Yeah, Tom, I was the one that submitted that gnargoyles pics!
by shayrayy April 08, 2011
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A very funny self submit porn site. It is ran by Hunter Moore. The site features nudes of people in many famous rock bands. It also is self submit so anyone can send in nude pictures of themself or exes.

The site has daily gnargoyles which are nudes of very fat girls, and occasionally has mangoyles which are fat dudes.

Another daily thing is the daily hate, it is usually tweets, Tumblr posts, blog posts, or Facebook posts saying mean things about the site.

The other daily thing is life which Hunter posts everyday and has tweets of fans saying something about IAU.
Girl: "Don't dump me or I'll send your n00dz to isanyoneup"
by ShannonStatic April 07, 2011
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A site full of over tattooed over pierced ugly fucks mostly of which are scene punk hipster faggots who have sent their nude pictures to other ugly fucks most likely scene hipster punk faggots who posted them on a the shit hole of a site that doesn't even have a menu bar to go to a direct page but has plentiful amount of ugly tattooed fuckers with anywhere sized dicks from that of a shrimp or to a over sized deformity.
Sonja: Oh my I'm surprised I'm not on isanyoneup with all the amount of nudes I sent out of my muffin top. I guess I sent them to the right people.

Megan: Yeah me to.
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A former pornographic website where users could post nude pictures of their ex-partners or band members of bands from the hardcore scene (e.g A Day To Remember). The website was highly criticized for being 'Revenge Porn' and Hunter Moore (Life-Ruiner and Isanyoneup's creator/owner) has had to face lawsuits and death threats from these ex-partners/band members. Controversy arose with the Website when A Day To Remember refused to play at the 2011 Bamboozle Festival, since the sites owner would be an attendee at their performance. The reason they refused is because a week ago, nude pictures of Joshua Woodard (Bassist for ADTR) were exposed onto the website by Moore.
On April 19 2012, after an FBI investigation, Hunter Moore was given no choice but to shut down the website.
Daisy: I can't believe Brad send my nudes onto isanyoneup
Trish: He was just trying to get revenge on you for cheating on him

Jason: Did you see those nudes of Josh Woodard on isanyoneup?
Nick: Yeah, poor guy, now fangirls will start fangirling over his naked body
Jason: His ex must really hate him
by weirdyrandommetal1977 July 29, 2014
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isanyoneup is a website that random people submit naked photos for revenge on someone or a self submit they are put on there for everyone and anyone to see
did you see that girl on isanyoneup last night?

yeah man she was hot i bet it sucks to be her right now i wouldent want them photos on there if that was me
by @crunchingallday April 01, 2011
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