Super cool girl sexy and cute!
You would love here so mutch!
Shes so sweet and helps everyone.
My name without the last and firts letter is irth
by Irth June 4, 2020
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(n.) A group of college students that congregates to turn the fuck up (by use of drugs, alcohol, etc.). Each member of the group Irth Turtle is also called an Irth Turtle. Irth Turtles are loyal, they help other Irth Turtles out in times of need. The origin of the term is linked to other random gibberish terms that truly mean absolutely nothing. The group leader is known as the "Irth Tortoise" and their main job is getting the most fucked up.

(v.) To get royally fucked up with your best buddies.
(n.) 1. Dude, Irth Turtle partied way too hard last night! Good thing the police

didn't show up.

2. Get it? HA Steak, PP Hope, YB Faith, IRTH TURTLE, DAY Pizza! You don't

get it? Then you aren't worthy of Irth Turtle.

(v.) 3. Irth Tortoise seriously Irth Turtle'd so bad yesterday! We had to keep him

from puking everywhere while keeping the RA away.
by The Irth October 16, 2014
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Bill Cosby's pronunciation and spelling of "Earth Day". Even though he probably doesn't celebrate it, he has an opinion because he's fucking Bill Cosby.
" Irth Day is a very importin day. It's like birthday without tha b. Pick up your jell-o puddin'-pop sticks."
by Juicalicious April 25, 2010
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