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Someone who claims to enjoy something ironically or just for fun, while hiding the fact that they have genuine interest in the thing they claim to be enjoying ironically or mocking for the LOLZ. Usually attributed to hipsters and internet edgelords.
Mister Metokur claims to not care about politics, but all of his videos are political in nature. He clearly really does care about politics; he's such an IronyBro.
by G-Union 2016 May 14, 2018
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Someone who pretends to enjoy something ironically, but actually cares about it deeply and doesn't want to seem like they are less "cool" than they are for it. Usually attributed to hipsters and teenage edgelords.
He pretends to ironically joke about My Little Pony, but he's actually a huge fan of it. What an ironybro.
by G-Union 2016 May 15, 2018
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One who uses irony and/or satire as an excuse for their shitty sense of humor and/or thinks that offensive things are automatically funny with no regard for any actual comedic substance and calls anyone who disagrees with him triggered and/or an SJW.
"That guy's literally been following me around all day making stupid jokes and claiming it's satire when I tell him that he's not funny. What an irony bro."
by NestorMakhno August 25, 2018
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