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Memes that originate from the "Irony Community" on Instagram. These memes sarcastically use overused/old jokes, or are completely weird, strange or random, and do not have much effort put into them. This is why they are called, "Ironic," they are sarcastically using old, overused, and shitty memes as if they were still funny.

They are also known as the "OC Mafia."
OC meaning Original Content.
Person 1: Favorite meme page?

Person 2: I got a couple.
and @spongebob.autism.420

Person 2: Don't they make ironic memes?

Person 1: Yeah, but you're too much of a normie to see the comedy behind the memes.
by Zomboozy April 9, 2019
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ironic memes are humorous images circulated in various circles on the internet (primarily tumblr, ifunny, and dedicated facebook pages) known for their bizarre and avant-garde nature and frequent use of stock photos, lowercase letters, Comic Sans MS and the like. as the name suggests they express deep levels of irony and sarcasm, and there is a marked link between creators of ironic memes and mental disorders (typically depression).
1: Did you see that ironic meme?

2: Yeah dude, where they just posted an image of a cylinder? It was kinda funny because of how ridiculous it was.
by Kappa// April 18, 2016
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Ironic memes refer to memes that make no sense at all or have many layers of irony in them.

Ironic memes can be found throughout communities on Instagram, iFunny, Reddit and elsewhere on the internet. Ironic communities are most notable for popularizing many meme formats.

Many accounts on Instagram are dedicated to posting these, with most of the time them making no sense to the average viewer.

Many accounts also shit on other content creators for being unfunny and usually use transitions to convey irony.

Most notable accounts are:

Usually add rap music to their memes and act all tough to scare away people who don’t understand irony
Yo have you seen that new meme from @longtesticless?

Yeah man that meme was very dank. He shat on someone for being terribly unfunny! One of my favorite posts from him man!

Yeah he posts very dank ironic memes.
by qwdkjnafkjn389 June 16, 2019
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