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IrishPixieCorn was a young man when he realized, he could be much more. He adventured from his home, hungry, alone, afraid but determined to prove to the world that he, the individual that was bullied constantly throughout his honestly.. pretty fucking pathetic life.. that HE would be something. One day he was walking down the streets in his really spankin looking thong when he stumbled over and saw it.. Through the window of some randoms house who eventually became the legendary Booster , "Wolvax" he saw something.. that'll change him forever... "Minecraft". Quickly rushing over and knocking "Wolvax" out by strangling him with his 10 meter cock, IrishPixieCorn, got hold of his Computer and decided.. time.. to.. be... what I was made for. He cheated blatantly almost got Masters failed and got lots of clout the end fuckers !
Player 1 : "Irish?.. IrishPixieCorn? Ain't you some ranked cheater?
IrishPixieCorn: " ur noob Hhahaha LOSER XD"
by straight black male June 03, 2018
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