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Getting a golden shower from someone who has consumed too much green beer on St Patrick's Day and has green piss.
by Mac Daddy123 January 13, 2010
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Something you need to get through the day. Not being addcited to it, but wanting it more then a passion;
Mike: "Man I love soda"

Jeff: " Man thats like your Irish Spring".
by BFB2ASS May 08, 2011
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When you affix a bar of Irish Spring soap to the floor of a shower with either a nail or glue and then hide and wait for someone to try to pick it up. When they bend over to retrieve it you jump from the shadows and yell "Irish SPRING!!!!!!" and then proceed to anally rape them.
"Huh... whats this doing here..."
by Petricore May 14, 2013
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When one ingests the vitamin Riboflavin, it turns their urine bright yellow. When one ingests Methylene Blue, it turns their urine dark blue.

When one ingests them both together, it turns their urine emerald green.

When one performs the "golden shower" after ingesting aforementioned chemicals, its called the Irish Spring.
yo dawg last night i gave mallory an irish spring for st patty's day

she hasnt called me since
by Jubb May 12, 2011
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When a man is giving a woman anal and does not want to get poop dick, right before pulling out, he punches her in the ribcage causing her to tighten up her sphincter muscle and when he pulls out, he makes a popping sound with his finger and mouth and says "Clean as a whistle" and whistles the Irish Spring theme.
"I was giving this chick anal last night and right before I pulled out, I gave her an Irish Spring and my dick came out (POP) clean as a whistle!!"
by rocketserve June 10, 2013
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When you use a potato as a condom and then have sex. The blood that will be pouring out afterwards collects in a pool and eventually streams down the side of the bed. The bleeding vagina or the pool of blood can hence be called, an "Irish Spring".
Back in Ireland, we didn't have condoms. Instead, we used potatoes. And you know that afterwards the girl would be bleeding a river. Now that's a REAL Irish Spring.
by desufag April 09, 2007
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