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A game played with a basic pack of cards.

The game is derived from regular snap, but as each player places down a card they must say a number with it, the number said must start from Ace (1) and ascend to King (13) then start over so as to create a loop. If the card they place down matches that of the number they say everyone must place their hands down onto the formed pile of cards. The person who places their hand down last picks up all the cards and adds it to their hand.

To win the game you must run out of cards and successfully Snap (place your hand on the formed pile of cards) before any other player while you have no cards left. A player with no cards can also come last in Snapping a pile of cards though and gain cards as a result.

The game is notorious for being overly engaging and resulting in injured hands.
Kid 1: Im bored.

Kid 2: Oh look some cards.

Kid 3: Lets play Irish Snap!
by Zombi Ist Krieg November 03, 2009
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