A take on the classic French Toast, Irish toast is prepared by filling a dish with Whiskey, dunking in two to four slices of bread, throwing the bread in the trash and drinking the dish of Whiskey. This dish is especially appropriate on days of meaningful family events such as weddings and holidays.
Don't mind my mother, she's just asleep in the fishtank because she had a hearty helping of Irish Toast for breakfast.
by Meatman June 23, 2006
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The substitution of Irish Cream for milk in a French Toast recipe.

The breakfast of the aristocracy.
Aristocrat 1: The amount of times I've started making french toast only to realize that I don't have any milk is honestly starting to become a problem.

Aristocrat 2: A fine Irish cream will make for a good substitute - Irish Toast.
by Promiscuous Monkey November 16, 2013
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