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Irini brings out the best in people. She is gorgeous, but does think lots of negative things about herself. She is always making people laugh no matter what she is doing. She is super sweet, until you reach her “scary side.” Irini can burst out and have a screem at someone if she really needed to, and it’s hella scary. She can be a player, but does know better to pick her right GREEK guy...
(Greek name, known as “peace.”
“Yo I really need to rant to someone right now”

“Bro go to irini she’s the best to talk to.”
by wesomesmartass November 21, 2018
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Irini is a term for being stoned, whilst in a public area.
Junks say it usually.
Junk 1:' Hey Yo, do you want some more weed?
Junk 2:'No thanks, I am already irini.
Junk 1:' Yea, I see it, and I see all the people watching us. We should go now.
by WeDub28 January 03, 2014
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