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When one person stands on each side of the street, and when a car comes by, they act as if playing tug of war across the street. I garuntee drivers will stop, thinking that something is there.
Fuck playing in traffic! Lets stop the cars by playin with our invisible rope.
by Yo_Mommmmma January 06, 2009
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game requires 2 or more people. more preferably 3.

the goal is to make the car stop and run like a nigger 'bout to get whipped by a white man.

one person stands at each end of the street while you act like you're playing jump rope in the street. when the car is about 20 yards away the person in the middle runs to the side while the rope holders act as they are playing tug-of-war. when/if the car stops, scatter like mexicans that just crossed the border!
Chase: Hey Franky lets go play invisible-rope in Chaz's neighborhood!
Franky: I dont know dude, 'member the last time we went? That nigger got out of his car and started looking for us.
by xxdefinitionsxx January 17, 2009
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