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The kind of racism that Intersectional Feminists espouse while insisting it’s not racism.

These people give themselves a supposed out by saying that shitting on another person simply because of their color or another arbitrary feature (such as being male, old, etc.) is okay as long as they are a member of a majority group and therefore hold “social power”. Because of that, the Intersectionalist thinks they can act with impunity from their prejudice because they have less “power” than the person they’re being racist against. Figure that one out.
Woman: I’m so proud. My grandfather is receiving the keys to the city in recognition of his helping the homeless here for over 30 years.
Intersectional womxn: Yeah, he’s helped a bunch of white people who are street trash, more like.
Woman: Jeez. I mean, this is a majority white city, so I suppose many are white, but he helps anyone who comes to him regardless of race.

Intersectional womxn: Fuck him. He’s a cisgendered old white male. His “good deeds” aren’t worth shit. I gave a black trans womxn a hug the other day, which makes me better than your grandfather.
Woman: Wow. That sounds like some intersectional racism type bullshit.
Intersectional womxn: Hah. I’m brown, Muslim and lesbian. There’s no way I can be racist. So fuck you too, white bitch.
by McMission Definition January 21, 2018
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The concept that racism can only exist when there is a coalescing of power plus prejudiced. It was first devised by sociologist Mark Chesler. Two elements are required in order for racism to exist: racial prejudice, and social power to codify and enforce this prejudice into an entire society.

Many people mistakenly assign power plus prejudice definition to the broader term of racism but this only applies to intersectional racism. Related to interscetional sexism, and intersectional feminism.
White people often support intersectional racism without being aware of it.
by BarKnee March 24, 2017
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