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Someone you meet purely by chance online and begin to chance on a whim or by a feeling. However, by chatting you get excited for every text he/she will send, although you don't know the person as much you would by real life terms. An internet crush is built mainly from hope, potential, and curiosity of another person but regardless still strong sensation of those emotion. May be accompanied by wishful thinking. A result of the information age and modern technology connecting youth across the world. Many people have the strongest relationships built from a internet crush to long distance relationship.
-Hey Bill, that girl you've been talking to, she's across the country and you're too heart-swept too quickly
-Yeah, I know, its an internet crush.
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by Subtle hint April 20, 2018
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An Internet Crush is a crush that you have developed over the internet. You most likely have not seen this person in real life an have just chatted with them. Some places that people could develop an Internet Crush is Online games, Blogs,Forums, Chatrooms, ETC.
"I think I have an Internet Crush on that guy off youtube."
by CharmanderIsFire April 07, 2015
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When you have a crush on someone on the internet. This could be a celebrity, Youtuber or someone else who is on the internet. They don't know you exist but you are still in love with them. They also usually live very far away
Person 1: OMG do you watch smosh?
Person 2: yes! Ian Hecox is my big internet crush
by Smart_definer51 May 24, 2014
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