One who, if you didn't know said character, you'd think to be a real tough person, a vicious attack dog if you will based upon their lack of reservation about the ballsy comments they make. Don't be fooled. This person is a sham. This person is not actually an attack dog, they are a timid house cat.

When you confront them in person they will hide behind their other friends, even attempt to amend things and get closer to you through your other friends, gfs, bfs. In fact when you confront them about being an Internet Gangster.. They will shrug their shoulders, turn around, and walk away. Like a punk.
She had a lot to say on facebook... but whenever we see her in person she can't even look at us and typically runs away, she is definitely an internet gangster.
by G'sUpHoesDown May 27, 2012
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An True Internet Gangster is one who strives to make the most out of their time they spend online to exploit niche markets, discover new niche markets, run auto blogs, make ebay and amazon their bitch and turn it into real cash money.

Not to be confused with the idiots who act tough online.
That dude been making like 4 to 5k a month online, hes a real internet gangster.
by iwastopratedthenbanned March 11, 2011
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Someone who acts like he's El Chapo behind the safety of his keyboard to compensate for his small dick, inability to attract women and gain respect from other men, and its built like Steven Tyler in real life.
Kurt Barner talking mad shit he'd never say in real life in the comment section today. Kurt Barner is hereby nominated internet gangster of the year award 🏆
by Hold My Beer February 8, 2019
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