A debate or discussion on the Internet between members of a community. Its where a person creates a thread to ask other peoples opinions on a subject. From as mundane as Cupcakes or Muffins or to more serious discussions such as abortion. People who partake are often called to defend their stance.
The Zelda Universe forum was full of Internet Debates ranging from whose the most innocent video game character to Is Obama doing the right thing.
by Unit7 May 17, 2009
n. When two or more morons on the internet get on their high horse about everything from politics to religion to society to fandom, and basically just try to out-sophisticate each other by overusing fancy words such as "asinine" in lengthy thought-out retorts that nobody cares to read.

Inconceivably, this is actually how they entertain themselves.

Nobody is safe to expose their opinions without at least one of these arrogant douchebags trying to pry an explanation from you, so be careful who you trust.
Debater: You sir are ignorant. Your previous statement on blah blah blah clearly contradicts blah blah--

Involuntary Opponent: aw hell no, I ain't got time for some internet debate!
by Chiminix January 22, 2014