Jeon jungkook of bts is iconic for his line "my name is jungkook, scale is international playboy" after jungkook said this line it became a very well known joke inside the fandom because he is actually very shy when comes to girls
Person 1: omg who dat boy
Person 2: the international playboy jeon jungkook
by Ig:Bts_is_lowkey_thicc May 5, 2018
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Everything that Jeon Jungkook (Golden Maknae of BTS) is not.
Jungkook is not an international playboy.
by DrinkUpSomeJin February 8, 2016
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Something that jungkook defines himself as.
jungkook: my name is jungkook
rm: scale is...
jungkook: scale is... international playboy
rm: international playboy!
by princess jin March 19, 2017
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