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A person or rather, the personality of a person, who likes to expose what people hides. One that carefully manages to analyze every meaning of someone's existence, exposing everything about him or her. It is composed with the words "Intellect" and "rape", this is because an intellectual rapist "rapes your mind", uncovering everything you have wether you like it or not.
In the Japanese visual novel "Umineko no Naku Koro Ni Chiru: Episode 5" we can find Furudo Erika as a perfect example as an Intellectual Rapist. She likes to solve riddle, meddle into other's affair and exposes everything they hide, not really caring about the effect this will have.

Normally, detectives fall in this category as they search for the truth, again exposing what others want to hide. For example, we can find even Sherlock Holmes as an intellectual rapist.
by 5KY7HAZ June 20, 2013
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