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When someone posts an Instagram photo with the sole intention of putting someone down, or "slamming" them. Often indirect, but heavily implying the insulting nature of the picture.
Girl A-"Hey, did you see Emily's Instagram showing off her ass with you tagged?"
Girl B-"That bitch has been Instaslamming me ever since I wore those yoga pants."
by The Wordsmithy October 14, 2014
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Sexual intercourse with a hipster; usually occurs in the context of a one night stand but the term refers to hipster sex generally.
Bro 1: Did you sleep with that hipster girl from Friday's party? I saw you guys sharing a tall boy of PBR.
Bro 2: Instaslammed her! Mad awkward though, she's in Art 403 with me.
by Brosephilus February 23, 2013
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