A girl who will always pose or do something sexy for their pictures on instagram to get likes and then if the picture doesn't get enough likes they take it down. They are also the ones talking about how guys only want them for their body and crap like that. They are basically attention whores.
John...I bet you if her picture gets no likes she takes it down.
Tom.... Ight Bet
....11 Likes in 24hrs ....Photo Deleted
John...Pay Up
Tom... How'd you know!?!
John... She a instagram Hoe. A materialistic Bitch who Only care about likes/compliments.
Tom... What a damn shame

You: Hey ive seen your pics on instagram and i would really like to know you.
Her: Nooo you just like my body and want me for sex.
You: No i really want to get to know you.
Her: Im not interested in people who just care about looks. Bye.
You: WTF. Guess she was another Instagram Hoe.
by .:Torch:.15 February 28, 2014
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a girl who post provokative pictures on instagram for boys to fiend over but act stuck up when the boy tries talk to her

a thirst trapper
man, dont try to @ her she's and instagram hoe

by kingFinessee November 29, 2013
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its when a bitch tries to impress people by smoking a stig, waxpen, or blunt etc.
they post quotes saying how the hate and love niggas because there bi-polar as fuck
and dont know how to keep shit to themselves.
They also tend to say i oop, i-, period with emojis, and periot poo.
yo this bicth not ranthru and doesnt have alot of make up on and shes NOT posting videos of her smoking!!!!
guess shes not an instagram hoe, this old lady is gonna be you bitch!!
by glock4kk November 6, 2019
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