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Innofuck: The nonsense 'innovationbabble' used in corporate, research, and academic spheres. This includes deplorable innofuck phrases like disruptive innovation, lean intrapreneur, ideaDJ, open innovation, Chief Innovation Officer, and innofucking dumb ideas.

As a result of excessive innofucking, many service-providers and startups were born, bearing names such as Inno360, Innosight, Innography, Innovaro, Innocentive, and soon to be incorporated, InnoKillMeNow. Since academic erection and subsequent seminal movement of Henry Chesbrough, many corporations in industry have been innofucked, resulting in a reduction in net innovation (#innovationaccounting).

Scholars who are critical of sophistry suggest this phenomenon is conceptually similar to that of 'Neurobabble', which is an offshoot the modern misappropriation and prostitution of science known as scientism.
Ahmed, PhD: We need to develop more pesticide technology if we're going to stay competitive.
Connor, MBA: Or, let's hire people with 'Innovation' titles to innofuck our way to the top!
Ahmed, PhD: What will they produce? Are they part of R&D or corporate development?
Connor, MBA: They'll produce ideas and creativity for all teams!
Ahmed, PhD: How would their ideas be valuable if they're not scientifically inclined?
Connor, MBA: Dude! I don't think independently. Innofuck me, right?
by not_invited_to_the_dope_show February 23, 2017
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