Short for involuntary ho. The female version of an Incel. An Inho is always looking for love, but she instead gets used and dumped by every man she meets, which makes her bitter towards men. The irony is that Inhos usually marry Incels later in life, because no man who has a choice of women would marry an Inho.
Naw, bro. You don't want to date that Inho. Just take a turn like every other guy!
by Kizdean May 11, 2023
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A word describing the most awe inspiring person you've ever seen.
"Wow, she's such an Inhoe, I'm so jealous..."
"Did you hear that ____ knows an Inhoe? I wish I knew one..."
"Aw..! You are SO my Inhoe!"
by Inhoe January 17, 2010
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