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1: The act of throwing someone, or something, under the bus.

* Main Entry: In*fra*tro*chu*stra*tion

* Pronunciation: Ihn*frah*troh*kuh*stray*shun

* Function: noun

* Inflected Form(s): verb; infratrochustrate, infratrochustrated

* Etymology: from (L.) infra (adv., prep.) "below, underneath, beneath,". and from (L.) trochus "iron hoop," or wheel; trochus is also the root of the word "truck".

* creation date: lunchtime today
1) A: "Adam Carolla's podcast is passable at best"

B: "I will not sit idly by as you infratrochustrate Adam's good name!!!"

2) "I will not stand for this slanderous infratrochustration of my favorite show."

3) "you better shut your mouth before I infratrochustrate your ass"

4) "maybe we should call the paramedics, I think that man has been infratrochustrated"
by C. M. Laughlin August 27, 2009
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