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Stupid idiots who think they are cool and 'indie' ( whatever the fuck THAT means ) because they follow the latest trend of listening to commercial mainstream 'popular' chart music.
These tossers are often found shopping in Topman and H&M etc and can be seen wearing tight skinny jeans, polo shirts, cardigans, waistcoats, converse all-star trainers and weird hats ( basically anything that any other person is wearing - shit that no one wore 10 years ago - note to shops, kerrching ).

They also think that being gay is cool and so like to wear bright colours, have messy medium-long hair and think they are totally unique even though there are millions like them. They do not understand the meaning of the word 'indie'. Indie initially meant Independant i.e bands that were not signed to major record labels and were relatively unknown. Their fans were against all the charts stood for. Nowadays 'indie' means a band usually starting with the word 'the' who sing in an overly exaggerated english whiney accent ( even the Scottish bands like The Fratellis ), have jangly guitars which arent played properly, care more about their looks than their music, think an achievment is getting into the top 10 and generally fanny about with their lyrics thinking they are smart and poetic singing about society and teen angst but are really just studenty wankers who dont really have a clue.Thankfully these bands make their quick buck and are usually quickly forgotten about as every other cunt has moved onto the next 'indie' band.
These indiots usually have ties with the New Rave and Techno scene which is also a fuckin false rip off i.e The Klaxons and Hadouken! ( both fag 'bands' )
Indiots think their music is rock but its really just a new name for pop thanks to NME being total cunts and wanking over the latest 'The' band. NME is shite btw.
Indie Cunt: ''The Arctic Monkeys are the shit. I was in Topman earlier and bought this badboy cardigan, I am so indie so I am''

Indie Cunt 2: ''No way! I bought that exact same cardigan! We are so indie!''

Normal person: ''They are fuckin Indiots''

Indiot ( Indie Idiot )
by StevenIndieHater October 02, 2007
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