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This is thrown around alot and to be fair indie style isnt really something that you can clearly define. Indie guys generally wear clothing that wouldn't have been out of place in your grandads wardrobe. The whole idea about being indie is that you dont try to look trendy. Indie guys are normaly 21+ and pretty much reminisce of the old days of blur and the longpigs however they are always on the look out for new bands and will be the ones hanging out watching unsigned bands and new talent. Think mumford and sons and where's strutter for new indie talent.

Its easy to pick out the wannabees and "followers" of indie they will be the ones wearing cardigans and wearing converse using the NME to scout for new music.

Indie has changed direction in an effort to hit back at the mainstream labelling and copying of the style by pretty much anyone who wanted to seem cool. Indie guys generally do not like to see people wearing the same sorts of clothing as them but a few common items in a indie guys wardrobe are as follows

Pumps that cost less than a fiver
Jeans (skinnies and straight leg are still a favorite)
Checked shirts (Mainly long sleeved)
Leather Jacket or "Kasabian style military jacket"

Also the indie scene has taken to wearing flat caps more than the trilby now.
The indie guys style is evident in bands such as mumford and sons (they are blue grass but the indie scene does have a tendancy to be able to cross barriers... hence it being called indie (indipendant thinking) ) and kasabian.
by Superstar Tradesmen July 28, 2010
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