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The Inderlieds were the first Homo Sapien species discovered by archaeologists in the late 1800s. Carbon dating has placed the Inderlieds as far back as the Pre-Jurassic Era with the dinosaurs. It is nothing short of a miracle they are still around today. Archaeologists have offered an explanation of why Inderlieds are still around, an explanation which has stirred quite a bit of controversy. They point out the above-average density of the pelvic region of these early male hominids, and make the claim that its purpose was to support a rather large appendage. They term this appendage "Dickasaurus Rex." The theory of how they survived the mass extinction the dinosaurs suffered entails how the male Inderlieds surrounded their tribes facing outward, and when the asteroid came the men became rather excited and their fully erect penises were large and strong enough to shield the entire tribe from any and all harm. Erect in the face of danger, brave, and intelligent, the Inderlieds were able to pass their genes to future generation for many millenia.
Sally: So how was your night with Jason?
Natalia: Well let's just say he's quite the Inderlied!
Sally: I have no idea how you got to class today you lucky girl!
Natalia: *Motions toward her wheelchair*
Sally: ...

Dan: Hey why is it called Dickasaurus Rex?
Inderlied: Because dicks this big are extinct!
by therealepsilonbadass September 10, 2012
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