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the mulletopolis of Mid-America

home of "give em hell" Harry Truman, who nuked a fuckload of Japanese before becoming a lame duck president a year later

the meth capital of the world in the 1990s

the birthplace of Ginger Rodgers and Jean Harlow

the burial place of jazz saxophonist Charlie Parker

established in 1827 nearly 23 years before neighboring Kansas City, Missouri

the third largest city in Missouri (bigger than Springfield)

starting point of the Oregon, Santa Fe and California trails in the early 1800s: the Queen City of the Trails

home of the Independence Events Center where the Missouri Mavericks play hockey

home of Arrowhead and Kaufmann Stadiums; home of the Kansas City Cheifs and Royals

a city of approximately 125,000 people situated in suburban Kansas City, Missouri, to the immediate east
the most sacred site on earth and worldwide HQ to members of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints despite the fact that local Baptists and Methodists kicked the Smith brothers out of Jackson County after creating a lynch mob

the RLDS temple with the spiral dome is where Christ is supposed to appear on Judgement Day

the town where the RLDS church keeps the geneology of every American going back to the Census of 1790'

the place of two Civil War battlefields

home of the most violent police force in the United States, which operates as an arm of the RLDS church and commits savage acts of police brutality on members of the media even as the cameras are rolling

the true gateway to the wild wild American West (not St. Louis)

Independence, MO is a city with a storied past and potential for a great future again, but something has to be done to discourage low-brow idiots from settling here

There's a shit load of hillbillies, wiggers and trash of all ethnicities in Independence, MO. Why can't they move to Kansas City, Kansas, where they belong?
by Justine Beaver October 07, 2010
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