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Increeption occurs on Facebook or any other photo sharing site. It usually occurs when you are looking at friends photos and you click on the tag of someone you don't know and begin looking at their pictures.

Increeption is when you create a world for the people in the pictures based off of the pictures and off of no other source. When this happens, clothing and scenery become the main basis for impressions.

As you progress further and further into Increeption, time is meaningless and you may find yourself looking into the lives of people that you have never and probably will never meet.

You know when Increeption has occurred if one of three things have happened:
1.) You look at the clock and over 30 minutes has passed
2.) You realize that you have no idea who the person is and you feel guilty about stalking.
3.)You by chance meet the person and blow the whole exchange by sub-consciously remembering the image you created for them and finding out that they are not the person you thought they were
You're asking me for Increeption. I hope you do understand the gravity of that request.

If we are going to perform Increeption then we are going to need photographs.

You remind me of someone... a man I saw in a half-remembered image. He possessed some radical clothing and a really hot girlfriend.

Wait, whose profile pictures are we going through exactly?
by HibirJiriad March 29, 2011
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