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Inasia is loving and cares for others. SHE is not afraid to speak her mind. She is not judgemental and is very pretty. She is brave and will do anything for her friends. She enjoys life and makes life fun. She brings joy to her friends and family but is sometimes mean when others are mean to her. Inasia likes to laugh and play around like she is a small child again
Inasia is caring
by Inasia-fun April 13, 2017
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inasia is pretty , smart , and inasia will do anything for her friends & family. inasia is really bipolar , she likes to get what she wants when she wants it . inasia is a goofy , and loves to play , if i still had inasia and knew as much as i do now about her now...ill still have her ...but anyway she takes her relationship seriously ...and yhea

* FirstLove here *
inasia is really pretty
by inasia July 16, 2017
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Inasia is a chill person who’s had a hard life with her looks. Everyone dislikes her legs because of her eczema.
Inasia is so cool!
by Well crap July 17, 2018
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