When something is along the same lines of something else. Or you're doubling up on your heroin needles but you only have one good vein. Similar.
Iam "You gotta admit I'm (at the very least) in the same vein as some of these other guys. Drawing the same conclusions as big brains I've barely heard of has got to count for something."

Hym "No. All it means is that we were preempted by corpses. You're still useless. I'm still trapped."

Iam "......... Can I not have a single thing?"

Hym "Again, no! You can't. YoU dIdN't EaRn It! Aaaahahahahaha!!! Get it!? Because that's the thing that they say! Get it!? Hahahahaha!"

Iam ".................."

Hym "No? Ok. I'll explain it to you in great detail. You are an imbecile. Your first mistake was being born. Your second mistake was..."

Iam "OK! Fine..."

Hym "....... I don't like what just happened. I'm supposed to be the one interrupting you... I don't like role reversal."

Iam "But... You were just going to keep going until I..."

Hym "Silence! There! Now everything is right with the world."
by Hym Iam April 7, 2022
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