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In a game where every possible outcome could result in an agreed monetary win, the process of "doubling up" takes hold. In a game where the winnings is double the place, the idea is to start with low bets, and always pick the same outcome. Should you lose, double your last bet and place for the same outcome. Repeat this until you have won. Comparing your total winnings to your total place, you will have gained one unit.

Of course, there is no garuantee that your wallet can withstand the number of losses needed to recouperate your loss.
Dice throwing for cash-

Place £1 starting bid on number 3

you lose!

£2 bid on number 3

you lose!

£4 bid on number three

you win!

£4x2= £8 gained

£1+£2+£4= £7 lost

Total win is your startign bet.

OK? now go try this on your friends and see how much you can win from them.
by Gumba Gumba April 12, 2004
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