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Verb. To be Imused is to be fired or severely punished over something trivial or marginally offensive. First coined when MSNBC and CBS Radio fired the veteran radio talk-show host after he claimed that the Rutger's women's basketball team were a bunch of "nappy-headed ho's". America responded with outrage. Although Imus' words were brazenly racist and stupid, his firing over such a trivial phrase speaks to America's white guilt and intolerance of any slights against minorities, even when spoken facetiously.
Billy was Imused from the varsity team after loudly proclaiming that the opposing team played like a bunch of girls. A female onlooker was offended, and complained to school administrators.
by Danno Chuchiak April 12, 2007
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to get fired for making racist/sexist comments
Guy#1: I just got fired for calling a girl a ho
Guy#2: dude u jes got imus'ed
by Jerry Boi April 17, 2007
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