Anything that can be described: Small, below average, pussyish, degenerate, or foul.
Example 1,
Person 1:"I bought a bang energy drink"
Person 2:"Ew! Thats impish."

Example 2,
Person 1:"Look at my rock collection, isn't it cool?"
Person 2:"Thats a very impish collection compared to mine."
by DavidDaleDavis February 21, 2021
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The Person who is very mischevious,nauthy and it also means Rascally.
Impish Eyes
Impish Deeds
by Umer Qureshi March 10, 2007
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a miniscule furry rodent who tends to set up camp in and around your pubic patch
yo john once went a week with out taking a shower and then found himself infested with impish pubic dwellers
by beefster of the queefster January 17, 2008
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