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and they suck at sports!!!
dude, ridge is gonna cream IMMACULATA in all sports!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by ithinkmenrcool May 04, 2005
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Basically the most hated and despicable high school in Somerset County (Basking ridge and Bridgewater-raritan high school are a close 2nd and 3rd), this institution is a terrible place that well off parents send little Johnny and Sally to to make them and their kids try to feel superior to the 'inferior' kids that go to public schools. However, Immaculata is actually a poor educational facility that sets their students up for failure later in life despite being promised a higher education level. The sports teams are worse than something you would dig out of the Meadowlands at low tide, just straight dumpster fire. The athletes go to Immaculata on false hopes that they'll be more likely to be recruited than if they had gone to public school. The football team is laden with controversy like in 2013 when an assistant coach was caught doing very Sandusky-esque things with the players which brought on chants from rival schools like "Don't drop the Soap!" as they brandished shower caps and soap bars attached to rope. When kids go to this school they are expected to cut off all ties from their former friends and become straight a-holes. No one likes this place.
Public School Kid 1: "Do you remember Johnny?"
Public School Kid 2: "Yeah, he was a cool kid, I haven't seen him since he went to Immaculata High School."
Public School Kid 1: "I saw him yesterday and he's a total dick now, like he acted like he was so much better than me."
Public School Kid 2: "Damn, that's a real shame. He had so much potential and just ruined it by attending that garbage pit of a school."
by MartyMcWiseguy October 08, 2016
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