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The combination of the words 'Imbecile" and "shit". Can be used as a noun, verb, or adjective when the situation calls...and it will.
Person1:"Go imbeshit yourself!"
Person2: "Did you just imbeshit me?!"
Person3: "Dude, you just got imbeshitted!"
Person4:"You got to be imbeshitting me!"
Person5:"I don't know about you, but I'm not sticking around to imbeshit myself."
Person6:"I can't believe he just imbeshitted me!"

Person7:"Hey imbeshit, step off!"
Person8:"He's one of those rare imbeshits who make all other imbeshits look good."

Person9:"He's an imbeshitting, dirty, filthy, cheating liar! "
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