The twelfth Imam is cited as a possible Muslim Antichrist who will appear during Armageddon (the end of days).
The twelfth Imam is a possible female Muslim Antichrist.
by ScienceBurt March 6, 2020
Imam Supriadi is a person who opposes Basuki Tjahaja Poernama (Ahok)
Imam Supriadi once said: Bangsat kau, Lawan saya ahok, Anda orang asing disini Tidak pantas jadi pemimpin, Sekali lagi saya tantang kamu Duel sampe mampus
by Watashihadare??#0406 October 23, 2020
Nice kid that is bad ass and is always ready to do some stupid shit. A real friend that will always help you and be nice.
Isa imamis a name
by My real nigga November 23, 2021
a school name. school that based on religion. students of this school are usually wear converse and most of the students' names are "rumeysa". these students are doing nothing for future of the country so nobody likes them.
-Sınav derecelerinde her zaman en düşük okullar imam hatipler oluyor amk
+İmam hatipler kapatılsın.
by chief.glo.sosa December 23, 2016