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1) You might have one, two, or five of them. A few might be in trouble for raping an imaginary virgin or building an imaginary makeshift Meth lab.
2) An imaginary black guy
Hal-Your imaginary brother is in trouble.
Seth-The imaginary blood one or the imaginary black one?
Hal- The one you're coming with me to the hospital for, I don't know him that well.
by ToxicGarbageSlimeDude September 22, 2017
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The brother you never had.
Guy- Sometimes I get the feeling like you've been fucking my imaginary brother, but then I think its my imagination and there's no way you've been fucking the midget fuck.

Guy's ex-fuck buddy- You're wrong about him, the five foot nothing guy is not your brother, but he's also not imaginary and he really does have a bigger cock than you do.

Guy- I'm gonna have to find him.

Guy finds other guy:

Guy- She says you have a bigger cock than me, I'm gonna have to cut off just a teenie weenie bit of it.

Other guy- What the fuck?
by ToxicGarbageSlimeDude September 11, 2019
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