A German girl's name which means " Sacred by God "

A wonderful, caring, funny person. When you meet her at first you will think she's really shy, but when you get to know her she's the most random and outgoing person on earth.

Most Ilses have really long hair, a wonderful smile, are really long and slim.
Person 1: " OMG, have you seen that new girl? "
Person 2: " Yeah, she's an Ilse "
Person 1: " Ehm, her name is Jenette "
by Nose From Mars June 15, 2011
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Bizzare person with ADD that weirds everyone out. Crazy in the best of ways and very talkative and expressive. Very sexy. Funny and loveable. Can be annoying and bitchy at times but is loyal.
Damn that girl was such an Ilse i think i'm in love dude.
by lexiconillybean November 10, 2010
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She is a short cute person who is amazing. She can be weird from time to time but is always there for you. She is never afraid to tell things even if you don't want to hear what she is saying. if your name is Ilse there will be guys that are in love with you.
Ilse: i am on my period just so you know

Me: alright....... (help meee)
by I am in love with my bff August 5, 2017
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a wonderful woman in all her glory who is amazing and loved by many.
"omg, she is such an ilse"
by Satanic Cristian February 11, 2019
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When you take a shot of Hennessy, and chase it down with Corona Extra.
Damn, Daniel just did 4 Dirty Ilses’s, and hes the one that drove us here!
by Esli L May 4, 2019
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Possibly the most nefarious woman in Nazi history. She was the wife of the head supervisor of the Buchenwald concentration camp, and she loved to torture and witness the murdering of the prisoners of the camp. A true sadist; I wouldn't disagree if she was found to be Hitler's long lost sister.

Her nickname was "The Bitch of Buchenwald"
Ilse Koch was a sadistic bitch
by Lady Orange 3 September 4, 2010
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ilse schaap is a pretty cool and really pretty girl that likes to dance. oh and she also has a dope bsf ngl
“who is ilse schaap?”

“only the coolest dancer on the planet
by urmomisfine124 June 10, 2021
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