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Illengeshwaran is a name of the great demon king ravana who ruled the Sri Lanka a.k.a Illengai or illangai.....Ravana is also the great and the best devotee to lord Shiva the destroyer...In the ancient text of Hinduism it is been said that lord Shiva bestowed Ravana with name illengeshwaran because of his devotion and his humbleness...

Illengeshwaran is a Sanskrit word,the
meaning of illengeshwaran is humbled one,the mighty,the ruler of Sri Lanka,wise one and the strongest being in the three worlds in Hinduism ( heaven,universe,hell).

Illengeshwaran is also to be a very generous person...a being who loves his wife more than anything else, short tempered,the best to hold secrets in this world, playboy,hates people who hide anything from him, intelligent,a bit lazy but a strong person even within heart

Illengeshwaran is also known to have patience for not breaking his promise...he is also a very silent person...but don't judge a book by it's cover.
Dude 1: hey dude why is so lazy but strong..
Dude 2: I have no idea but his prays strongly though....
Dude 1:but he is so silent but ....
Girl1:hey guys,that fellow is also good for a leadership role.....i think he is similar to illengeshwaran the great king
by Jonathan Criss August 10, 2018
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