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A deragotory term for a person from hispanic descent. The word itself suggests two familiar terms in US Immigration Policy: Mexican and Illegal. For many US based companies and corporations, the powerhouse of cheap manual expendable labor is largely comprised of these individuals as they provide themselves as low cost, low maintenance, plentiful work mice and are often blamed for stealing American jobs. Further requirements to be fully identified as this term include having a mexican (Wink Wink) surname, a high possibility of belonging to a drug cartel, a possibility of belonging to a latino gang, the prospect of past or inevitable future incarceration complemented by prosecution, detainment, or deportment, illegal possession of firearm(s), and ghetto/hood rat rhetoric that utilizes constant profanity and, recommended but optional, the use of the word "nigger" in every sentence. Although the term suggests mexican, it encompasses hispanics in general. Required crimes include: Homicide (2nd and 3rd degree are impressive), Battery and Assault, Money Laundering, Drug Trafficking, Prostitution, Weapons Trading, Sexual Assault (Rape), Robbery, Burglary, Identify Theft, Public Masturbation (not as impressive) and another list of menial federal offenses (required). All subjects are defaced with multiple tattoos covering the upper body section with themes pertaining to gang loyalty, violence, racial pride, kill record, or satanism.
Person 1: That Illegado next door is causing a ruckus!
Person 2: Well what do you expect? His entire extended family of 18 people live there too.
by NorthernExtreme February 15, 2012
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