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Iliyan means pure soul and has a great heart. Everyone wants to their heart and soul touched by Iliyan.
It feels so good to be around him, he makes me feel so good, he must be an Iliyan.
by ekmknowsbest. February 20, 2017
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A normally relaxed, easy-going person, with quite normal abilities and morals. He isn't much for sports, but is slightly smarter than any average person, on top of this, he is quite the gamer, playing every game imaginable. He does not, however, ever rage from the video game, or insult other players online.
Vaagish: I love playin' games with Iliyan... He never swears in game.
Richard: right? He's pretty chill.
by That Weirdo guy February 28, 2017
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Gets random boners in class.
Doesn't catch feelings unless the girl is really gorgeous .
Has bare friends and is very social.
Has a sexy body and girls get wet when they see him.
Is that a boner. I know you're feeling like an iliyan right now.
Yo that guy is so hot! He has to be an iliyan.
by stiffyyyyyy May 30, 2018
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