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1) a girl from the country Albania, named after the previous name of albania called "Illyria".

2) has an exotic look that draws attention to herself without trying.
3) has a beautiful figure with intriguing eyes that are to die for. Many girls feel intimidated by her because of her resting bitch face
4) wifey goals, albanian girls are known to clean, cook, and take care of kids phenomenally.

5) has a sweet and unique personality but if you disrespect her, you will get disrespected like youve never been before
That girl ilirjana, is so fine i wanna wife her up!!
by Albedina March 14, 2017
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Extremely ugly female that believes she is attractive, when in reality she cracks mirrors from her complexion.
Mirror mirror on the wall whose the ilirjana of them all!Crack!!!!
by tshzi May 27, 2011
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