a word used by Rastas for ganja,also called the holy herb and callie, they believe it was given by God (Jah).Scriptural support is found especially in Psalm 104:14: "He causeth the grass for the cattle and herb for the service of man." Other texts interpreted to refer to cannabis include Genesis 3:18, Exodus 10:12, and Proverbs 15:17. In addition to ritual use, Rastas also use marijuana for medicinal purposes, applying it to a variety of ailments including colds.
by trobaugh April 30, 2010
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Ileys is a gorgeous and super kind girl. She has a heart full of kindness and love and loves helping people. She seems shy until you get to know her and you’ll soon learn that she is crazy and a ton of fun. She loves trying new things and has a beautiful personality. She’s absolutely mesmerising and a complete goddess with an infectious laugh. She gets along with almost everyone she meets but you do not want to get on her bad side.

If you know an ileys you have no idea how lucky you are.
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Boy: damnn she’s so stunning it’s got to be an ileys!
by Loveliessssss June 4, 2020
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