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"Let Jah be praised"

According to the Kebra Negast (The Book of Kings), "Igziabeher" literally translates to "let Jah be praised" similar to "Hallelujah" being used in a traditional Christian church.
Let Jah be praised can be translated from the Rastafarian incantation "Igziabeher" according the Kebra Negast.
by mfx2005 April 22, 2009
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Ge'ez Word for the biblical God Jahweh. Often used in a Rastafarian context but also in Ethiopic Orthodox Christianity.
Ina you ancient lionmane holler, Quadamwi Negus Igziabeher! - Midnite, "Jah"
by Abra Hahn March 10, 2009
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"King of Kings." A Rastafarian incantation frequently heard in old reggae music.
"Igziabeher! Let Jah be praised, let Him be praised" - Peter Tosh
by Jack Daylight March 10, 2007
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Igziabeher (most common spelling on Internet) means "Lord of the Universe", i.e. God, in the Ethiopian language Amharic.
The word Igziabeher ('Igzee'abihier) is the name for God in the Ethiopian language Amharic, meaning literally, "Lord of the Universe". This is composed of 'Igzee (Lord) 'ab (father) bihier (of the nation). The phrase, 'Igzee'abihier Yimmesgen, means "Let God be praised".
by Sanmare October 01, 2013
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