A wrestling move where, one opponent jams a thumb up the other opponents anus (slang for taking one up the ass without the benefit of a reach around).
That wrestler just gave him the ole ignitor right up the hoo hoo!
by Randall_suffering_is_gay May 24, 2010
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EFnet #quake pimp. wrote the linux version of napster. has over ten million dollars in student loans to pay. To be Ignitored is to do work and not be paid for it.
I just mowed my grandma's lawn and got totally ignitored!
by hoserx November 24, 2007
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A mad man who loves to crash into orphanages.

by DDude3000 June 25, 2022
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An alcoholic drink that mixes Jager with an Orange flavored energy drink
Guy 1: Hey man, you ready to go out?

Guy 2: I dunno, I'm feeling a lil tired, and my vagina hurts.

Guy 1: No worries, I'll get ya a Matchstick Ignitor.

Guy 2: What the fuck is a Matchstick Ignitor?

Guy 1: Shut up and drink the drink bitch!!
by EggaWoes June 6, 2010
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A dirty ignightor is when you are trying to light a fart and inadvertently shit yourself thus splattering your hand!
Dirty ignitor- "Joe was playing the blue flame game with his buddies when he accidentally gave them all a dirty ignitor!"
by Define8888 December 9, 2016
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