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One of the many churches founded during the Restoration movement in the Philippines. (Isaiah 41:9-11, Isaiah 46:11-13). Oddly the Church was not purposely planned for official registration in July 27, 1914 the exact date of World War 1 but indeed it happened on the date that Christ warned the apostles of the ends of the earth (Mark 13:8, Isaiah 41:9-11, Isaiah 46:11-13, Isaiah 43:5-6). The church grew significantly in millions in less than a hundred years planting its seed in the Far East and continued off to the Far West (Isaiah 43:5-6, John 10:16 ,Mark 13:8). Not founded by Felix Y. Manalo but rather a reestablishment of the first century Church of Christ (Acts 20:28 Lamsa) by Jesus Christ himself who purchased the Church with his blood. The Church of Christ continues to prove itself by its teachings and prophecies (Isaiah 8:20). Also proving itself victorious in debates against the many churches, the Church continues to prove itself true (2 Corinthians 4:4). The name Church of Christ is distinct but confusing when searching for this specific church, there are many churches that bear the name Church of Christ but does not begin or end as Church of Christ, for example, (United Church of Christ, Church of Christ of latter day saints) It is only Church of Christ which shows ownership to Christ (biblical Acts 20:28 Lamsa) and does not show ownership to the leaders as many have upheld their own names to make distinction between many other churches.

The Church's most notable distinction from others is the unity (Ephesians 4:15-16). The unity is observed all around the world as one in teachings/lessons, hymns of praise, the orderly seperating men and women, and the solemnity.

The Church is noted for its beautiful chapel designs around the world and especially the beautifully large central temple located in Quezon City, Philippines. Unlike many others, the Iglesia ni Cristo do not rely on charity or fund raising programs to provide the church for its financial needs. The church provides for itself and maintains itself and the many locales around the world thats numbered in thousands.

In less than 100 years of its lifetime, the church has grown significantly since day one counting more than 10 million members world-wide.

He shall not be sad, nor troublesome, till he set judgment in the earth: and the islands shall wait for his law.

Isaiah 42:4

The only church established by Christ is indeed the Church of Christ (Iglesia ni Cristo).
by Blindagainandagain March 23, 2009
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