Noun. Sometimes used as an adjective, ie. "iFinnish" "iFink you Freaky"
Scholars have identified several uses by various cultures across time living the the apartment next d00r.

1. iFin was developed by a shark known as Steve Jaws, and lauded for being like if the third Reich and snoopy had a child, quickly became a prosthetic Fin replacement for sharks injured by iEds, interspecies Erectile dyslexia.

2. iFin, or iFinished my supper. Can I have iCe cream? iSuppose...

3. iFin - iT is Finished! iM quitting iNternet. iFucking hate cell phones too. You guys are playing hockey and iM in a ballet class. I hate you all. Accept iDo love one.

iFin - iFinally found the stargate. iM not trying to get hurt, but iWill pass. (VoIce: You shall not pass!)

iFinnish - iFinish this life and scientology will reincarnate me as Tom CruzZ! Then i'll show you all! I'll be a real man, loved by young and old. Humans and Donald Trump-Borg 20.1. All of you who made fun of me for my slapstick routine and useless dictionary entries, you will relent and bake me cookies.

iFinnish - Goodbye cruel dictionary.
by youBETTERlikeFOOD October 20, 2018
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