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A homicidal black man living in Texas who likes to eat little kids and rob yuor home. He usually comes during christmas and if you have an elderly people he will set thier hair on fire and dump a box of wandering spiders on thier faces. He then 187's your first born child. He's typically been involved with terroist activities. Ifakoya is so bad ass he made Osama Bin Laden his bitch and Saddam Hussein his ho. He appears as a crazy yet friendly black guy who you can get to know but one when you least expect it he goes postal on your and your city. He then moves to another country and causes a plan to crash into its most important landmark. He then explodes leaving watermelon and chicken everywhere but then reforms to do it all again. He adds new tricks each appearing out of no where and fucking yuor girl in the ass while she's cooknig breakfast for her parents.
Bill:Damn Tavon, guess who I just met!


Bill: Ifakoya!

Tavon : What, I heard that dude was so Bad-ass he had Bin Laden on a leash!
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