The English people usually don't pronounce the Letter R unless its followed by a vowel as in "the doctor announced" and some other special cases ,so when they say "the car has broken down" it actually sounds like "the ca has broken down"
but it would be hard to say "the ca is green for example" so they just add an r at the end of any word that ends this way even if it doesn't have an r at the end of it
so "the idea is" will sound like "the idear is"
and "the idea has" will remain the same
the idear is
"the sofar is" equals "the sofa is"
"we sawr on tv" equal "we saw on tv"
by AnyNickNameAndGetItOverWith October 13, 2009
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The British people's way of saying "idea"
Tom: I've got an idear. Jerry: Cool what is it
by UjvalHater7 January 30, 2019
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What losers who don't know proper english say instead of idea.
Thats a nice idear! "It's idea idiot!"
by Jeffery Reyes October 9, 2006
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A more than dubious variation of the word "idea". Heard a lot on the tv series "American Chopper". Gives me the shivers every time.
My father came up with this idear.
by Steff 320i August 25, 2010
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The way blue collar folks from New York City, the Hudson Valley, Stamford/Greenwich, and some parts of western Fairfield County say "idea". Often pronounced this way by the working class Polaks, Italians, and Irish of the area.
Paul Sr. from OCC: "Yeah, I like workin' with Ricky, me and him come up with some good idears."

"My Uncle Tom is an old Polak bastard from Stamford, he's got some good idears!"
by Young Polak Bastard October 20, 2011
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Actually, this is how the English (meaning people from ENGLAND) themselves pronounce the word "idea." Look into it before you post, idiots.
Ralph Fiennes: My father had the right idear about dealing with *your* people.

- Prince of Egypt
by Balfdor June 12, 2007
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someone who comes up with an idear.....or idea
LETS LOTR MARATHON, im such a good idear....idearer
by The Clinton March 5, 2008
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